High Banks Hall of Fame
National Midget Auto Racing Museum


Highbanks Hall of Fame
National Midget Auto Racing Museum

Officers & Committees

Committee members plan to attend the Chili Bowl in Tulsa in January to promote the museum, and the organization promotes its memberships through a newsletter and this web site.

Committees & Officers: 2014-2015

President: Ken Effenbeck
First Vice-President: Ryan Boyer
Second Vice-President: Stacy Saip
Secretary: Karol McChesney
Treasurer: Barry Bottger
Past Pres: Don McChesney
Finance: Promotions/Chili Bowl
Chairman - Brad Boyer Chairman - Ken Effenbeck
Barry Bottger Justin Sly
Dave Bowersox
Building: Tim  Hiatt
Chairman - Ken Effenbeck  
Brad Boyer

Gift Shop:

Eric Elwood

Curator - Don McChesney

Dave Bowersox

Karol McChesney

Renn Allsman

Eric Elwood

Tim Hiatt Sally Splichal

Ken Naysmith


Chairman - Ryan Boyer (1st V.P.)

 Vintage Races July 25-26, 2015

Stacy Saip (2nd V.P.)

Chairman - Don McChesney

Barry Bottger

Tim Hiatt

Karol McChesney

Stacy Saip

Renn Allsman

Justin Sly

Induction Steering:


Chairman - Justin Sly

Chairman - Ryan Boyer Bob Blazek
Don McChesney John McChesney
Bob Blazek Ryan Boyer
Ken Effenbeck Don McChesney
Manning Allsman
  Advertising, & Publicity:
Fair Auction: Chairman - Tim Hiatt
Chairman - Sally Splichal Karol McChesney
Brad Boyer Bob Blazek
Stacy Saip Justin Sly
Don McChesney  
Consignment Auction: Chairman - Ryan Boyer
Chairman - Barry Bottger Stacy Saip
Dave Bowersox Brad Boyer
Ryan Boyer  Tim Hiatt
Stacy Saip  
Don McChesney Die Cast:
Chairman - John McChesney
Concessions: Steve Breeden
Tim Hiatt
Chairman - Justin Sly
John McChesney
Ken Naysmith
Mary Ann Klima

High Banks Hall of Fame, Inc.
P.O. Box 264
Belleville, Kansas  66935
Phone:  785-527-
Museum Email:  highbanksmuseum@nckcn.com